Learn a new way to hack your flights.

Hey! I’m Beck Power, and I’ll show you how to hack your flights using routing. It’s a little known concept that can save you thousands on your flights – forever. Stop searching for flights the same way you always do, and learn how to flight hack.

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You join the challenge ^^^ (that’s pretty important :D) and then the free Challenge Facebook group on the next page.

This will be a LIVE challenge, so I’ll be in the group the whole time with Live Videos, answering questions and making horrendous puns, probably.

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You’ll learn all the main NomadFly strategies so that by the end of day 5, you’ll be a flight hacking badass.

Here’s the schedule:

Day #1: Figure out what flight hacking is and the problem it solves (you probably didn’t even know you had this problem, but now you will…)

Day #2: Why you shouldn’t buy a Round the World Ticket (and what to do instead…)

Day #3: The best tech and what I use for flight hacking

Day #4: Common hubs and stopovers – what to do when you have no idea!

Day #5: How much can you actually save? You’ll see some epic case studies!

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Learn how to save hundreds on flights, without using air points

A few of the rockstar flight hackers who’ve saved hundreds using NomadFly strategies. Preach!

“The same day I signed up for NomadFly and read Beck’s ebook, I used just a few of the tips and tricks I learned to save $237 on an upcoming trip. I had pretty specific needs for this itinerary, but I can tell that with the same strategy I could save way more on flights where I have more flexibility. Beck is brilliant and this stuff works!”

Amy Scott

Founder, Nomadtopia

“With my last flight to and from Australia, I was able to save over $300 each way with the tips offered in NomadFly. The information in this course is invaluable to anyone who flies even once a year. Spend the money, you’ll save it on your next flight for sure. I thought I knew a bit about getting the best deals on flights, but hands down this is the best tool or course I’ve spent money on in the last few years.”

Bec Robbie

Founder, Bec Robbie

“I thought I knew how to get cheap flights after traveling permanently for years by figuring things out as I went.
Then I joined Beck’s Nomad Fly course. I don’t even know how much I’ve saved since I’ve joined as I fly often but it’s a big number that keeps getting larger. The price of the course is like the equivalent of a cup of coffee vs what I’ve saved.
One of the actual flights I took was from Lisbon (Portugal) to Manila (The Philippines) booked only a week before for just over $400USD! Bargain! And that was on normal airlines not budget carriers.”

Dominic Mikula


“After a few hours of studying Beck’s book I found a non-stop flight from Thailand to Germany for $143. The deal was so good that several people gave me skeptical looks and one guy flat out called me a liar on Facebook. I guess it was quite literally unbelievable :)”

Dan O'Donnell

Founder, OD On Life

“For years I’ve been living under a veil of illusion that ‘flights are expensive’. But what I’ve learned from nomadfly, helped me and my fiancée fly around the world (Vancouver, Ireland, Egypt & New Zealand) for $2,500 TOTAL instead of the original $16,459 we started with from Google Flights.”

Justin Ryan Scott


Hot damn! Check these out. Real tickets, found by people in the group.

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Hey! My name’s Beck Power. I’m a travel nerd and entrepreneur who’s been to 43 countries and counting… also a former NZ travel agent of the year, digital nomad and major cheese enthusiast.

Think you know *all* the flight hacking tricks? I’m going to show you some stuff I learned as a travel agent. See you on the other side!